It’s Almost Here . . . . the 20th Annual Statewide All-Girls Rodeo

OK cowgirls! Flyers up. Check.

Entries emailed and snail-mailed. Check.

Buckles, saddle and awards ordered. Check.

In case you hadn’t guessed, the 20th Annual Statewide All-Girls Rodeo is just a little more than two weeks away. If you haven’t already sent in your entry, there’s no better time than now. Remember, no late entries will be accepted — no exceptions.

And if you don’t already have your Zip Mixed Barrels partners lined up, you better hurry or all the guys will be taken!!

Also, if you haven’t turned in your fundraising money, you’ll want to take care of that right away. . . Members who have not turned in their funds will not be eligible for year-end awards or prizes.

See you in the arena!!


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